Thursday, February 03, 2005


Is there a way to make the "comments" section thread? Nice to be getting such a lot of comments, but after only a week or so it is becoming confusing.


Sam Dodsworth said...

Short answer from a quick google search seems to be "no, unless you're using Moveable Type and want your head to explode". More to the point, I've not seen threaded comments anywhere else on (or anywhere apart from The Daily Kos(*)), for that matter).

As a suggestion, how about making a point of always quoting from the post you're replying and elevating anything worthy of its own thread into a new blog entry?

(*) A huge independantly-designed community.

Anonymous said...

Livejournal comments format in threads. And if a thread gets really full, the software creates a link to expand the whole thread and presents just the original message.

Not to promote an alternative... but there it is.


Anonymous said...

Well, you could always use Livejournal. It's free, you get cutesy icons, your comments thread, and

Of course, no one will take you seriously because you're on Livejournal, and, you know, grownups use kludgy and less-capable software like Blogger.

Then again, serious people like Elf Sternberg do use it. And, y'know, me, though I'm not Elf Frickin' Sternberg.

And Sam---the Daily Kos uses Scoop, which is their take on the Slash idea. Scoop and Slash are good for sites where you have a very few people who post stories, and hordes upon hordes of commenters.

If you can still move, I'd seriously recommend Livejournal. You can copy and backdate your entries from this Blogger site; ask me how!

Elf Sternberg said...

Yeah, but I use LJ because it's, well, it's just there. It was easy to set up.

On the other hand, if you go to serious group blogs like or, you'll find that about a third of the contributors use LJ for their personal blogs. LJ is a legitimate site for a lot of people. It's not *gag* myspace.

I've been toying with separating my writing and personal blogs, putting the writing into wordpress because, like you said, it's for grownups.