Monday, April 30, 2007

British newspaper inadvertently makes remark which might possibly arouse a slight suspicion of unconscious and quite unintentional xenophobia

A British Newspaper today published an interesting "human interest" story which mentioned the fact that some British Muslims have 'courts' which adjudicate on religious matters and act as arbitrators in civil matters. This is a perfectly valid news story as English people are always interested in learning about each other's customs and ways of life.

Unfortunately, the use of term 'sharia' might possibly have given some readers the impression that what we were talking about was a system of criminal justice running in parallel with or as an alternative to the British laws -- which is, of course, absurd.

However, no-one could possibly suppose that a newspaper whose emblem is a crusader could be interested in anything other than promoting Muslim / Christian understanding, and I am sure that no-one would want to blame a journalist if one of his readers misunderstood his story:

"I have lived through wars and hard times, yet never have I felt so strongly that Britain is under seige (sic).We pat ourselves on the back and try to kid ourselves that we are a wonderful example of racial tollerance (sic) and equality! The truth is of course the majority of Britains Anglo Saxons are fed up to the teeth with the constant inflow of immigrants and their disrespect for our laws and culture once they arrive."

"What is wrong with the people of Britain, when are they going to wake up and see that we are slowly being invaded by these people."

"This can not be allowed.!!, once areas in this country start to have their own Islamic centre courts based on race they will become expanding no go areas to other ethnic people, it’s another downward step and path into chaos for this England. It does not surprise me though because this country is full of capitalistic and religious Shiite-Hawks, Arse wholes (sic) and Scum bags...."

"Enoch once warned of White Flight and rivers of Blood allow this scum to enforce thier (sic) tyranical (sic) values in the UK and the rivers will flow white flight is common.Sharia law to allow wife beaters, paedophiles whilst any muslim integrating as they should would be attacked threatened and abused into compliance with terrorists.."