Thursday, April 26, 2007

Interesting Questions to Which the Answer is "No", Parts 64 and 65

Does the discovery of a planet just like ours mean there is life out there?
And more importantly, another Diana inquest coronor quits: is it just an establishment fix?

All this and veils too. Note the subtle use of the word "our". Even the British National Party are no longer prepared to be so nakedly racist in public.


Mike Taylor said...

How can a "subtle use" of the word "our" be construed as "nakedly racist"? If you'd said it was cryptically racist, you might have a point (though even then not, I think, a particularly compelling one).

More positively, I am hugely enjoying the Dawkins series, and very much hoping that we'll soon be seeing Well, that about wraps it up for Dawkins. A couple of days ago, I saw the front cover of Alistair McGrath's rather good book The Dawkins Delusion? (kind of him to add the question mark to the title, although once you get into the book, you quickly find that it's just a courtesy question mark). On the front cover was a quote that I very much enjoyed: "Dawkins makes me ashamed to be an atheist" (Michael Ruse).

Andrew Rilstone said...
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Andrew Rilstone said...

I took the word 'our' to mean 'if you wear a veil you are not one of us'; 'you cannot be a Muslim and a Briton'; 'the English courts to not fairly and indifferently administer justice; they safeguard the interests of us, British Christians, most of whom happen to have light coloured skin, against you, British Muslims most of whom happen to have dark coloured skin.'

I agree, perhaps 'so nakedly racist' isn't the word. I meant 'so upfront and unapologetic about their visceral hatred of British Muslims.'

Site Owner said...

I don't see how you can make 'no' ought to be the answer to the first one, unless by 'no' you mean 'however it strongly implies it'. If life is an emergent property of a certain sort of planetary environment (or if God has closen to place life in a certain kind of back drop) the existance of a similar environment or backdrop within a small area, suggests that - as the total area is massive - there will be lots of similar enviornments/back drops and it is likely that at least some of them will have life.

Simon Bucher-Jones