Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nice Things (1)

That gooey chocolate cheese cake thing they sell in the cafeteria at Ikea, called a "Dime Gateaux", which is odd because I thought the unit of currency was a krona. And you can have as many cups of coffee as you like. Bad coffee, admittedly, but like the fellow said 'it's better than kosher, it's free.' I quite like the little green marzipan things as well. The only decent size supermarket within walking distance of my hosue is the Tescos (I know, I know) at the Eastgate center, which is on the same industrial carpark thingy as Ikea, so I can sneak in there and have a Dime gateux and read the paper when I do my fortnightly shopping. (And I can drop my plastic in the recycling, so my conscience of clear all round.) If you get there early enough, they sometimes have almond croissant as well although if I want almond croissant I go to the bakery at the bottom of my street, and isn't it nice to be able to type 'bakery at the bottom off my street' in this day and age. It supplies most of the posher local sandwich shops and has graffiti painted on the walls. I think the overall theme here is 'cakes'. On the plus side, I rejoined the gym.

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