Monday, May 28, 2007

Nice Things (2)

Bath Ales Barnstormer is currently my favourite beer. It is one of life's little ironies that weaker beers, like Bath's Spa (geddit?) are sharper and you want to sip them, where your stronger beers like Barnstormer taste sweet and you want to gulp them down, which means you can drink a lot without quite realising it. They do make something called Rare Hare but I find that too strong to be pleasant. The Hare on the Hill is owned by Bath Ales. It is not actually the closest pub to me, but my nearest, the Cadbury, is quite studenty and to my dismay I have reached a point in my life where 'studenty' is a negative point. Although it does have a nice beer garden and serve nachos. So I have adopted the Hare as my local. I have to climb a hill to get to it. Clue's in the name, I suppose. It feels more like a traditional english pub, wooden tables and dart boards and no juke box, where the Cadbury feels more like a cellar. Last time I went into the Hare there was a man singing folk and blues. Despite the countrified traditional name it is just opposite a block of council flats, but that rather adds to the atmosphere. The Bristol Science Fiction group meets there on a Thursday. My favourite pub in Bristol is actually niether the Hare nor the Cadbury but the Port of Call (ah yes, Bristol's nautical history, the non-descript Spyglass is finally capitalizing on the fact that it was probably once owned by Long John Silver, who did not exist) but that's right over the other end of town so I only go there once in a blue moon which is also a good name for a pub. It has different guest ales each week and invariably has something I haven't tried before, and pork scratchings that look as if they came from a local butcher. Some day, I must walk to the Port, stopping off at, say, the Hare, the Bell, the Robin Hood, the Highbury Vaults, and the Pennyfarthing. I would probably not walk back, though.


Tom O'Bedlam said...

Another nice thing, perhaps, is that when I first commented on here many moons ago (as ref) I was a deluded capitalist, and now, in no small part, thanks to this blog, I'm not.

As you were..

Adrian Clark said...

I barely knew about Bath Ales until a couple of years ago, when a couple of friends moved to Bath and raved about the brewery. Now their organic ale (surprisingly available, here in south London, at Asda) is a firm favourite of mine. I don't think it's quite up to the work of RCH (my personal benchmark for hoppy West Country beer) but it's pretty close.