Friday, September 07, 2007

News of momentous importance

This blog is now also available on Facebook.

I will shortly start using "gay" as a term of abuse and ending sentences with "innit".


  1. Surely not. Facebook's posh. Now, if you'd said your blog was appearing on MySpace...

  2. Astoundingly few people that I know use either. I have a total of 4 "friends"; (three of whom are family), and only one of whom is what I'd call a heavy user. And I get a message a fortnight, if that.

    I don't text much either. Maybe we're too old. Maybe we have nothing much to say to our friends when they aren't there, or at least nothing that can't be said by email. Maybe we have managed to avoid discussing our dating preferences in the presence of our friends for the last 20 years and feel it would be a bit silly to start announcing them to the world now.

    On the other hand it is rather nice when you get a message announcing that someone would like to be your friend, even if it is only your husband. I feel Facebook has potential to be fun, but I think I've probably missed the boat by a couple of decades. MySpace doesn't appeal at all.

    Son on the other hand, who might be considered a prime target, won't go near any of them with a bargepole. For him, social networking is WoW and discussing Irregular Webcomic. Not so much different from us 20 years ago, I guess.

  3. Well, Andrew, that's your lifestyle choice and it's your own business.

    If you get a MySpace, though, I think there'll have to be an intervention.

  4. Will this mean we have to make accounts on that pile of poo in order to read your blog?

  5. No. Utterly, utterly not. I just noticed that you could push a button on facebook and make everything I write hear syndicate itself to somewhere where young people can see it.

  6. Is Facebook worth looking at? Which is to say worth bothering registering on and presumably inviting more spam?

    I automatically dislike and distrust any website where you're not allowed to read any content without registration. Smacks of a cult.

  7. Facebook is in some indefinable way fun, without actually having any purpose that I have been able to discern. However, all the other kids have got one.