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Andrew Rilstone has been blogging about his favourite TV show since before there was such a thing as a blog. This book collects everything he wrote about "the welsh series" between 2005 and 2010. It's a real-time account of one fan's relationship stormy relationship with Doctor Who.
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For more than a decade, people from all over the internet have turned to Andrew Rilstone to find out what they ought to think about subjects such as homosexual bishops and the introduction of sharia law into the United Kingdom. Now, a collection of Andrew's most challenging, povocative and widely linked to essays are available in a more durable format.

"Scintillating...and long overdue...a writer who is so far as I can tell unique in the modern world."
(5 star review at

"This guy totally hands Richard Dawkins his own ass."

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Andrew Rilstone talks about comic books, movies and practically everything else.

Longlisted for a British Fantasy Award (Best Non Fiction)

"The finest analysis of Watchmen that I have so far read"
(Eddie Campbell)

"It's Rilstone's internet, and we're just writing on it."
(Andrew Hickey)

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Unknown said...

Hi Andrew - the link to The Viewer's Tale doesn't work - it looks like the book isn't published on Lulu?

Andrew Rilstone said...

Hold for 3 minutes, I thought I'd enabled it....

Andrew Rilstone said...

Working at my end....

Unknown said...

Sorted. Thank you.

Andrew Rilstone said...

It was "not available" while I double checked that there were no more references to Stephen Moffat. Please don't tell if Thom Baker and John Pertwee appear...