Thursday, April 15, 2010

NOTE: Like Gavin, I am going to have to look at moving this blog away from Blogger, which no longer even seems to handle the simplest layout. I just spent 30 minutes trying, and failing to a: Paste a plain text file b: change the font to times roman c: change the font size to "large" and d: justify the text. Readers may like to imagine that some words in the article are in italics, but that seemed like rather too much excitement for one day. I have a piece of paper with "distinction" written on it from when I did a course in Quark.


  1. I *strongly* recommend using Wordpress. Much more customisable, much more user-friendly, easy to migrate across. Also easy to move your .com address across.

  2. I think I could handle Blogger better if it presented the same laborious difficulties each and every time. In fact, I might even go into raptures of joy were such a thing to come my way.

    Now we're in techno-talk mode, how is it done that your blog feeds from a .com address rather than a blogspot one?

    (Any replies, please note you will need to respect the aged.)

  3. Have you switched to Blogger Beta (though by now it must surely be just plain Blogger)? I've never had any problem doing any of the things you describe here with just the Blogger GUI.

  4. Andrew: Will have another look at Wordpress. When I was revamping this one, I had a look at it and it seemed a little complicated.

    Gavin: Blogger will sell you a .com address for not very much and do all the hard work for you:

    Abigail: I assume I must be on blogger beta...I was also using the "new editor" which has lots of cool features which don't work (e.g jump breaks.)

  5. I'd be more than happy to help if you have any problems if you do decide to move platforms.