Thursday, December 08, 2016

Info and Request

If anyone has any knowledge of "G Suite" could they please get in touch?

It is 2.25 AM and after 4 hours on line, I am no closer to re-registering my domain.

It was set up through "Blogger", but Google requires it to be renewed through a new app called "G Suite": you appear not to be able to register with the app unless you have a password, and you cannot get a password until you a registered with the app. You also have to be registered with the app before you can ask the help desk how to register with the app.

Anyone with any experience of this, please get in touch. Otherwise this blog is likely to revert to to

or even

and presumably none of the existing links will work.

Ho, hum.


Mike Taylor said...

I don't know anything about GSuite.

But my experience in the last couple of years has been that by far the best way to get big corporations to listed to you and help you out is to address them publicly on Twitter.

Good luck.

Andrew Rilstone said...

That is a good idea....

Andrew Rilstone said...

Yeah! After only 7 hours of trying, two helpful e-mail and a twenty minute phone call to my bank, I have for another year!