Monday, December 17, 2018

The Amazing Spider-Epilogue

last September we had a bit of a false-start on the final essays in my widely ignored Spider-Man project...

I said...

turns out that there are things to say about Spider-Man #34-#38 after all

amazingly, it turns out that it takes a lot longer to explain why a terrible story doesn't work than to explain what is so great about a classic

and i couldn't really work out any way of talking properly about #39 & #40 (the big green goblin story) without talking about the issues which lead up to it.

so, here come my last six or seven spider-essays and then i really am done

thanks for staying on board

but what with one thing and another we only got as far as #34.

so, now I have the last five essays lined up and ready to go. (i particularly didn't want to publish my stuff on some of Stan Lee's worst comics until the eulogy had gone up.)

so here comes my essays on Spider-Man 35, 36, 37, 38 plus 39/40 and then we're really, really done

we'll start with #34 again to remind us where we were....

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