Monday, February 04, 2019

If I do a great big Spider-Man book, who will pay for it?

I reckon turning 2 years worth of essays into a book will take me about 100 hours. (*)

I reckon my time is worth about £10 an hour. Well, I reckon my time is worth a lot more than that, but that's what my day-job employer thinks it is worth.

OPTION 1: I make a book and sell it on Lulu at about a £5 mark up, say £15 for a 400 page book. I sell 200 copies, and make about £1000. There is an orderly Brexit and we all ride home on a pink unicorn.

OPTION 2: I run a Kickstarter, with a target of about £3000, assuming that about £2000 will go on fulfilling orders and £1000 is profit.

OPTION 3: I set a new tier $175 tier on my Patreon. If we hit that target, I will start working on the book, and put it on sale on Lulu at cost price (+free ebooks for all and prezzies for specially generous people.) Over twelve months I make an addition £1011.

(*) Approximate time to layout and edit 1 essay, 40 minutes. Approximate time to layout and edit 67 essays. say 45 hours. Time to make covers, contents pages, upload to Lulu, and e-book conversion, Another 24 hours. Another 19 hours because it takes longer than you expected. Another 5 hours because it always takes you longer than that = about 100 hours.   


Mike Taylor said...

I would buy a book under Option 1, or back a Kickstarter under Option 2. But for reasons I can't quite articulate, I don't like recurring-payment schemes like Patron, so I wouldn't pay on that basis and it doesn't seem fair that I should benefit from others' contributions to get a copy at cost price. So for me, options 1 and 2 seem better than 3.

Scurra said...

I tend to agree with Mike here - option 2 would be my preference (it seems like a well-established path, although KS is starting to feel more like 'least bad of a bunch of bad options' at the moment.)
I'm happy to support your Patreon (albeit at a low level) but that's more for the on-going nature of it, rather than for one-off projects.

Sean Dillon said...

Options one or two would work better for me.