Thursday, September 17, 2020

This month I have published approximated 10,000 words of essays on this page. 

57 nice  Patreon supporters have each paid me an average of $1.95 for each essay. 

Patreon supporters have had exclusive (free) previews of three new essays:

There Is Black and There is White — A first look at Steve Ditko’s later work

Not As Funny As He Used To Be — A look any political satire in a wokeocracy

Rough and Rowdy Ways — A song by song review of Bob Dylan’s new album.

In September, we should see the final four essays on the Gospel According to St Mark appear here: the trial; the cross; and, er, the thing which happened afterwards. Rather challenging to write but I am quite pleased with them. A book will follow almost immediately.

(I keep thinking "Oh dear, my book about Jesus has gone a bit religious".) 

Patreon supporters will be getting advanced peaks at at least two extended essays:

Britannia Perdere! — Magic, conspiracy theories, covid, and the Daily Mail (4,000 words)

You’re Not Arguing With Me, You’re Just Contradicting Me: Prof C.S. Lewis and Mr Ezekiel Bulver (10,000 words)

After which we may get back to some popular culture. Tom Baker? The place of small plastic figures in the reception history of Star Wars? 

If you consider any of this is at all worthwhile, please consider joining my Patreons.

Early articles and e-book versions of my writing, the occasional added extra, and the sense of satisfaction which comes with knowing that you are supporting your fifth favourite blogger. If five readers each added $1 to the pot I could — er — afford fish and chips on an eat out to help out day.

Thank you. 

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