Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Special Black Friday Offer

Black Friday is a thing, isn't it?

My latest collection of essays is available, for a limited time, in a Pay-What-You-Like edition....

All my 2020/2021 essays, including: 

The Cardinal Difficulty With Bulverism
Rilstone on C.S Lewis.

Not As Funny As He Used To Be
Rilstone on Jonathan Pie

Britannia Perdere!
Rilstone on Peter Hitchens

Back to The Future
Rilstone on Tony Blair

Jeffcotianism: The Foundation of Twenty First Century Thought
Rilstone on the stuff you aren't allowed to say. 

Why Everything Andrew Has Written About Politics For The Past Fifteen Years Has Been Entirely Wrong
Why Rilstone shouldn't have said the stuff he said about the suff you aren't allowed to say. 

Rilstone on Enid Blyton

Why Andrew Is Never Going To Write About Politics Ever Again

180 pages of classic Rilstone 


Pay Literally Whatever You Like


Pay Whatever You Like
PLUS £7.50 to cover Printing Costs and Postage

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Paperback for Christmas, then!