Friday, January 28, 2005

If this carries on, I will have to re-consider my decision to stop reading the Grauniad.

Guardian Unlimited Guardian daily comment History is blue. Discuss

"3. The abolition of the slave trade was:
a) "political correctness gone mad"; b) the only way to set quotas for immigrants coming into the empire; c) forced through parliament by the Islington liberal elite, who had no understanding of rural life in the colonies"


  1. I vote for option (d): "It was one more example of
    Bible-thumping religious fanatics using the law to impose their theological doctrines on the rest of society".

    Con't hold your breath waiting for the Grauniad to acknowledge that bit of history, though.

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  3. Even though he's a humourist, when you read John O'Farrell you always find him raising some troubling and important questions. Well, one troubling and important question. How as someone as talentless and unoriginal as that managed to become successful? If you thought that article was funny, you need psychiatric help. It read like a half-witted parody of an uninspired satire of Thatcherism in a remaindered Spitting Image book from the mid-1980s.

    "1. Who beat the French loads of times?

    a) we did; b) we really whopped them big time; c) Agincourt, Blenheim, Waterloo, Eurovision song contest 1976; they never stood a chance! (You may tick more than one box - it's called multiple freedom of choice.)"


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