Saturday, October 01, 2005

I don't always trust everything Tony Blair says; I sometimes suspect the Archbishop of Canterbury may be a bit on the liberal side; Bob Dylan's really rather good, Richard Branson's trains are occassionally late; I've learned three obscure new facts about Tolkien, there's a new comic book you really ought to read, Dave Sim talks a lot of rubbish and a little bit of sense, Doctor Who isn't as good as it used to be, except when it is.

Sorry haven't posted recently, will become vocal again before too long.


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  2. Nice to see you again! I figured you weren't posting because you were out living your actual life.

    I don't check here daily, because you don't update daily. I try to comment when I see you have posted something new, just so that you'll see that someone is reading. It seems to me that you would be less inclined to post if you thought you were posting into a vacuum, which would then cause me to check even less frequently, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

    When you're writing again, I'd love to read your final thoughts on Dave and Cerebus. But write whatever you like, it's your blog.

  3. Curious about the following

    "I've learned three obscure new facts about Tolkien, there's a new comic book you really ought to read"

    the rest are as obvious as you intended. :~)

  4. PS:

    May I ask what the story is with all the recent posts that have been removed by the Blog Administrator?

    You've never deleted anything I have posted, so it must be pretty confrontational.

  5. Deleted posts: There seems to be a spambot out there which is sending messages along the lines of "Loved your blog. Thought you might like to see mine, which is all about swimming pool disinfectant" The only time I actually delete a post for content was when some BNP type started posting to the "patriotism" thread.

    Fact about Tolkien: If you take the numbers of the Rings of power and read them backwards, you get the year of Tolkien's death.

    Fact about Tolkien: When Aragorn dies, Arwen calls his name "Estel", Estel". But of course "Estel" also means "Hope", so she is unconsciously expressing the possibility that mortals may have some kind of immortality beyond the circles of the world.

    Interesting Comic: I was unexpectedly impressed with Vol 1 of Mark Waid's "Fantastic Four": I could do without the psycho-babble, but he has a very good handle on the characters. ("The Avengers battle cry is "Avengers Assemble!" The Fantastic Four's battle cry is "Johnny, wait!") It also contained the epsiode where Ben Grimm re-connects with his religious heritage, largely as an excuse for someone to say "That's funny, you don't look Jewis."

  6. I'm interested to know if you've seen any of Firefly, but probably mainly because it'd be nice to see you talking about a TV show we yankees can actually get our hands on...

  7. Another Firefly fan. Groovy.

    Serenity? I liked it very much. There were parts that didn't quite work, but in my humble opinion it's definately worth a viewing.

    Andrew? I second the Rambler. Have you seen Firefly? Serenity?

    I got a kick out of Whedon's stab at discussing Christianity on TV; disappointed by his limp "doesn't matter what you believe so long as you believe in something strongly" bit from the film. Puts me in mind of the worst types of fundamentalism.

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  9. Yes, go delete all those "Your blog looks great!!! I'll certainly bookmark it!!!! Hey, I'm selling airline tickets at my site...." spamments. There's one just above.

    Never got to see "Firefly" here in Oztraya, and when I first heard the name I assumed it was one of those cutesy anime that have sudden lapses into extreme cartoon violence, but just saw "Serenity", and man oh man, I'ma fixin' to buy me the boxed set now, be it eight-nine dollars, yea, even ninety. I've waited 25 years to see a remake of "Blake's Seven", but now Josswwed's given us "Blake's Seven as adapted to HBO by Larry Niven". And it works.

  10. No cheating, Andrew. You only listed TWO of the facts about Tolkien. Get to vocalizin'.

  11. You leave us hanging on the third Tolkien fact and don't expect a sort of Spanish Inquisition?

    And I'll add my own plug for Firefly and Serenity! The latter is the best thing I've seen in the movies for many a long year.

  12. "... and don't expect a sort of Spanish Inquisition?"

    But NOBODY expects the... wait a second, the setup here is so obvious it must be some sort of trap.

  13. I think, by this point, we all kinda expect the Spanish Inquisition.

    Yeah, Firefly's pretty awesome.