Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If Hilary Clinton were to become president of the U.S.A, Dave Sim's head would explode.

Surely, for that reason alone, it is worth doing.


  1. Is it just me, or do your more recent posts lack something of the depth that your public has come to expect?

    Surely you have something to say about Human Nature/Family of Blood?

  2. Or Dr. Who.

    Unfortunately for me, I am far more familiar with Hillary than Dave Sims. But on the bright side, I'm praying that part of Bush's legacy is that whoever does follow never signs another piece of legislation entitled "The Patriot Act."

    The realist in me says that those prayers will be in vain.

  3. 1: Yes.

    2: I am currently in the thick of final projects and things on my Journalism Course. While I don't necessarily think a piece of paper marked "Distinction" will substantially improve my job prospects, a folder demonstrating that I know Quark Xpress back to front (and trust me, it makes more sense in that direction) and have done lots of interviews and concise to the point current reviews will do. So that's taking up most of my time right now.

    3: I have three more nice things to get through. But rust ahshore, I will do a big Doctor Who piece at the end of the season. And answers to readers questions about Dick Dastardly. And some salient words on the last round of grief-porn.

    4: Dave Sim doesn't like girls very much, and he thinks that what's wrong with America is that girls are in charge, so I am waiting to see the look on his face if you really put a girl in charge.

    5: Human Nature and Family of Blood are titles of episodes of Doctor Who.

    6: The Angels Have The Phone Box

    7: I will give you a review of "Pirates of the Carribbean 3" for nothing.

    8: Best movie EVER ever ever and anyone who says different I will behead with my cutlass.

  4. I would like to see another Clinton presidency because that will mean that there will be a whole generation of Americans who don't remember a time when the president was not a Bush or a Clinton. After Hillary we'll be ready for Jeb (or possibly George P.), and after that, it's Chelsea's turn. And we will have woken up in an alternating monarchy without realizing it.

    Andrew Reeves

  5. Hurrah! A big end-of-season Dr. Who review is one the way! My day is complete. Good luck with the course (which by the way I had no idea you were doing).

  6. You know, I'm actually tempted to buy Dave Sim's Collected Letters Vol 2 when it comes out this week, just because the first one, for every two hundred pages of dull drivel, had the occasional sublimely bonkers moment:

    "I think YHWH's contribution back in the early sixties was Peter, Paul and Mary. I mean it is a way of looking at Christianity, seeing Peter, Paul and Mary a the three cornerstones after Jesus. Of course, being YHWH her point was; if you have Peter, Paul and Mary what do you need Jesus for? I think that amused God a great deal -- to the extent that he countered with John, Paul, George and Ringo. Paul of course, was actually James: James Paul McCartney. SO John and James were the leaders of the band, like the sons of Zebedee, John and James, the brothers Boanerges, the sons of thunder..."
    "So it was a good joke that on the cusp of being famous John and James had ditched Peter, Pete Best, the drummer since this is basically what the biblical John and James had attempted to do with Peter the apostle. The George part I think was God's way of saying that leapfrogging Peter - that is the Vatican - lands you in England and Henry VIII's decision to make himself not only king, but head of the church as well. There have been three king Georges..."
    "Now, having ditched Peter, that meant you had three kings or a Ring of Stars..."
    "The Beatles were the template that attracted their own disciples, the Rolling Stones, which was another play, in my view, on the fact that there had been a pool of disciples for the two Jesus'. There was Peter, Cephas, the rock or stone, but he rolled back and forth between the two Jesus'..."

    And so on...

    My favourite line in the book is probably "I think the thing that troubles people about Dave Sim is that I have no great aversion - unlike most conservatives - against name-calling".

  7. I had no idea. Gosh. I must go out and buy it immediately.

    Wasn't it in Cerebus 181 where he said something like "The Americans had to sacrifice John in 1963 so he could split into John, Paul, George and Ringo?" But at that time, he meant "That's an example of how you can draw a connection between any two events, which, by the way, is how creativity works." Now he means "The connections are real and obvious and I'm the only one who can see them." Oh, what a relatively noble mind etc etc etc

  8. Oh, and I just noticed the "There have been three king Georges" bit. This is true, unless you include George IV and George V.

  9. Yeah, I liked the 'three Georges' thing myself.

    Also, it was amusing to point out to the reporter who interviewed him for the Onion (who I know vaguely through LiveJournal) that he thought her interview was a clever ruse to entrap him into marriage, a last-ditch seduction attempt by YHWH and one he valiantly fought off...

    It's an interesting world he lives in.

    He reminds me of the famous (probably apocryphal) story about Joyce, in denial about his daughter's schizophrenia, saying to her psychiatrist that the things she said were not very different from his own games with language, to which the doctor replied "Yes, but you're swimming and she's sinking".

    I just wish someone could get him to see that all the people standing at the side shouting "Move your arms and legs" and miming swimming motions at him might have a point...

  10. 5) Feeling sheepish now. I really wish Dr. Who was more avaliable here.
    7) Glad to hear.
    8) Well, it's certainly one thing I've wanted. An old-hollywood swashbuckler that actually rewards viewers who pay attention.

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  12. God save us from Hillary Clinton. Americans want an actual Democrat, and we don't have any particular interest in establishing duelling political dynasties, trading the White House back and forth every so often between the Bushes and the Clintons. No thanks. It would be nice to have a President who didn't support this Iraq fiasco.

  13. On the other hand, Sim is (was? he can be rather protean) right about Nyarlathothep
    "Apart from my speculations on the role of the Ancient Egyptians in producing literal monsters just because they could, do monsters like Cerebus appear naturally?"

  14. Hillary will soon be under oath in the historic civic suit, Paul v Clinton. This TIMELINE tells the story.



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