Saturday, August 11, 2007


"I could invent a cure for cancer and the headline would read 'Misogynist Cartoonist Makes Lucky Scientific Guess" sub-head "Builds on Foundation of Feminist Pioneers in Cancer Field." Knowing that the Torah commentaries and 289/90 are as revolutionary as I suspect they are, I'm really mare amused than anything else these days as to how this going to look in five (ten? twenty? fifty?) years when it finally "hits" the real world intellectual community what it is that I'm talking about and that the only coverage at the time was "This guy seems to have major issues with strong, independent women." I mean, actually finishing off that gag is going to be a major, major punch-line at feminism's expense. If 289/90 holds up scientifically, it's actually Einstein's Unified Theory he kept looking for. Guy comes up with Einstein's Unified Theory and anyone whats to talk about is how he thinks daycare is a bad way to raise children."

Dave Sim, Collected Letter page 46


  1. If you keep picking at that, you'll go blind.

  2. Oh, you didn't...
    Did you get to the bit yet where he talks about the reporter from the Onion being sent to tempt him into marriage? I very vaguely know her online and let her know what he said. She wasn't impressed...

    (Have you been reading Following Cerebus though? I've not got issue 10 yet, but the first nine are quite superb. When he's discussing how to make comics, the man still sounds very lucid...)

  3. Issues 289 and 290 of "Cerebus the Aardvark".

  4. Oh dear. Yes, Dave does show a marked tendency to snap in and out of this kind of talk and startling lucidity and articulation. Even in the Onion AV interview, he starts out very paranoid and straining to interpret every question as a feminist dig at him, and then when it's explained that it's not, he suddenly sounds lucid with the rest of his answer.

    I read a few issues of Following Cerebus last year, and then wrote a letter to him (which I've done a few times over the years) to say "How are you doing?" and to let him know that I'd finished drawing a graphic novel with a friend of mine. He was very friendly and asked me to send him a copy, and then he immediately promoted it on some yahoo blog he dallies with. So in these respects, he seemed like the Good Dave of old.

  5. What does he actually say in 298/90, though?

  6. That YHWH is the molten center of the earth, that he/she/it split off from God, that there are two different Christ's, that YHWH created men's penises in order to give women control over them, that YWHW caused the spirit children of God to be trapped in matter and therefore feminism goes back to the big bang and not to 1970 as we had previously supposed, that Jews brought the holocaust on themselves by slaughtering all those innocent baa lambs in their temples, and that this is all proved by nuclear physics.


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