Monday, October 08, 2007

Likely to be out of circulation for the next three weeks (nothing bad.)


  1. You (and other writers) keep referencing the "man in the pew" as fellow who has not done philosphical-theological thinky-thoughts about God.

    Fair dinkum.

    Why do you, since you are not an atheist, assume that this "man in the pew" has not experienced the Presence of God?

    "Visualizations" and "Mental pictures" and whatnot are nonsensical. The Man in the Pew is praying to His Father, His Friend, His Comforter and Counselor and Beloved.

    You know this. Surely?

    I'm missing something in this dialogue: I must be--! Could you enlighten me?

  2. Andrew: Have fun, whatever it is.

    TOH: I don't think Andrew is assuming that The Man In The Pew hasn't experienced the presence of God; only that even if he has it's no guarantee of theological accuracy. People who claim to have experienced the presence of God have, after all, disagreed majorly about what he's like.

  3. Andrew, this might be fodder for your Dawkins series once you get back to it. (Which, btw, I look forward to.)

  4. BTW, I'm having trouble getting to your old web site (in particular, the "is dave sim mad?" essay). Is anyone else?

  5. How did Professor Lewis put it? Something like, “when a man says he will be gone two nights he means at least two nights and hopefully a week”. But all the same I do hope nothing dreadful has happened to our dear Mr. Rilstone.


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