Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thought For The Day

Here lies a whole world after one
Peculiar mode; a buried sun,
Stars and immensities of sky
And cities here discarded lie.
The prince who owned them, having gone,
Left them as things not needed on
His journey; yet with hope that he,
Purged by aeonian poverty
In lenten lands, hereafter can
Resume the robes he wore as man.


  1. I feel like an idiot for not recognizing it...but who wrote that?

  2. Completely unrelated to the topic of the posting: I noticed the web page with your old essays on has gone away (neither the nor the one works). I thought I'd point this out and say I thought it was a shame, as I liked them.

  3. Fearing that Andrew's old site might go away, I took the liberty of dumping it to a local copy some time ago. Andrew, I can easily make it available at an address that won't go away, if you like. Let me know.

  4. randomly disappeared.

    after much head banging I have created

    at present, what there is on rilstone-beta is an archive / portfolio, mainly intended for people who I think might possibly want to pay me to write.

    this can be found at

    it has about 60% of the old stuff on it

    i can re-load the old site onto that address when I get A Round Tuit: I am slightly hoping I can recreate the "www.rilstone" address at some point.

    thanks for asking

    oh and thanks to the people whose "puff" pieces I've quoted in the portfolio thingy

  5. It appears to me to have about 0% of the old stuff on it. (I get a generic Talktalk page. It has a search box, but telling it "Rilstone" produces no pages.)

    ... Ah, just a DNS thing. It'll doubtless be OK in a few hours once the relevant changes have propagated. (Geeky types in a hurry can talk to and provide a Host: header in their HTTP requests.)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Yup, it works now. That's the same address as didn't work before. But, as I said, it did work if instead of pointing a web browser at I went straight to and told it I was looking for pages on (I don't think you can get a browser to do this.) So I'm pretty sure it was just that the relevant DNS thing hadn't reached my part of the world.

    Anyway, that's boring and geeky. Off to re-read some of your stuff now :-).

  8. i am flattened that my old stuff is worth re-reading.

  9. I've enjoyed reading your blogs, Andrew. I regret the collapse of alt.books.cs-lewis and SpareOom, despite what the moderator writes, doesn't have much CSL content.
    As I don't see another way to contact you, I'm asking here if it is OK with you to quote some of your CSL material that might be of interest in discussion at the two sites. And what would be the best way to contact you?
    Ann Ahnemann


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