Monday, December 31, 2007

.....and a happy new year.


  1. Resolution # 1...spend less time on sill blogs!!!

  2. Any chance you'll get your old site up again some time? There's good stuff on there.

    Or perhaps consider posting it to this blog?

  3. And Happy New Year to you!

    I've enjoyed your writing for many years now and I'm looking forward to more of the same.

    In no order at all, I've enjoyed your writing on:

    RPGs (inc. Arcane and Apocrypha...)
    Doctor Who
    CS Lewis - I'd never read anything by him since the Narnia books at school and reading some of his adult writing has had a major impact on me in the last year or two
    Daily Express & Daily Mail
    Your investigative journalism - into the various 'Winterval' stories

    So thanks again for your improvement of my religious, political, cultural and gaming lives!

    PS If you are ever stuck for an idea for an article I'd love to see 'You can ignore the law if you are very, very cross' discussed in the light of :

    'I endured him as long as I could, but the truth was desperately important, and in the end I had to be harsh. I put the fear of fire on him, and wrung the true story out of him,bit by bit, together with much snivelling and snarling...'

  4. But Andrew, what did you think about that thing with Spider-Man and Mary Jane?

  5. Eegad, I haven't read an issue of Spider-Man since -- oh, since people thought Todd Macfarlan showed promise. It seem's pretty obvious that if a character is going to exist in "real time" and still remain recognisably the same character, then periodic "reboots" are inevitable; but if the only way your can think of to un-do decades of bad story ideas involves having the major chracter make a pact with the devil -- in a comic whose original USP was it's REALISM -- then I am one old-time reader who isn't coming back.

    "Showcase Presents Supergirl" is, however, absolutely superb.

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  7. Stephen,

    I was thorougly disappointed when I wanted to read Andrew's "An Imperfect Wagnerite" article a while back, only to find it all dead.

    But by the Internet's triumph over life and death the page is ressurected here.

    Hope Andrew doesn't mind.

  8. Hello Andrew,

    Would you mind just posting to let those of us who follow your work through this blog know that you're still alive?

    I'd appreciate it, and others might too.

  9. Alive,well, trying to convince business center that I'm a freelance writers and trying to persuade various magazines to employ me. Long article on justice and grace in Lord of the Rings follows eventually.

    Gandalf made a good King Lear, and it was entertaining to see Sly McCoy playing the fool. (As arguably he did for three seasons of Doctor Who.)

    Torchwood sucks.

  10. What have you got against Torchwood? This is a positive vendetta!

  11. You've got the talent Andrew, now you need a little bit of luck. I wish you all best.

  12. What have you got against Torchwood? This is a positive vendetta!

    Curious prejudice against bad writing and unfunny sex jokes, primarily. I see they are transmitting a more adult version on Thursdays, and I may give that go.

  13. Where are you in 2008? New entries, please.

  14. There's a long trailer for the second season of Torchwood that I've seen a couple times in the cinemas in Seattle. The voice-over began--and I listened carefully the second time to make sure I hadn't made it up--

    "You've seen great sci-fi TV. Now, get ready for Torchwood."

    I think that says it all, really.

  15. Glad to hear you're still alive.

    I've only see the first three episodes of Torchwood 2. While not exactly great, they lack the consolidated sucktitude of the first season.

    I also watched the first Seaso of The Wire at about the same time. Now that's how to make a great TV show.

  16. Torchwood: It's like they saw the first series and thought 'you know what the problem with that was? Too much substance. Could you do it again, but superficial it up for us?'

    At least until this week's, which was rather better. Leading to the infallible advice 'watch episodes with "Catherine Tregenna" in the credits'.

  17. Perhaps you would care to pop across the Pond and run for president. Jolly boring race so far. Could use some more Tolkein anecdotes in the debates.


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