Friday, November 28, 2008

Important Note About Busses

I've been in London. The Tube is festooned with ten foot high photographs of 200 year old stuffed mocking birds, with some reasonably closely worded text pointing out that their tail feathers are slightly different, and that this is what set Mr. Darwin thinking about the idea of Natural Selection. Kings College London had a display of famous alumni outside their premises. Charles Lyell's claim to fame is, apparently, that he proved conclusively that the world is millions of years old.

I don't think that the Evil Christian Hegemony can have been trying very hard this week.


  1. No, because most of us live in the States and we're on holiday right now.

    However, the War Against Christmas Part 2008* is about to break on all your heads. MUAHAHAHAHA!

    *More or less

  2. I love the fact that the only Christmas item on the front cover of the "The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought (Paperback)" is a Christmas tree.
    Which isn't actually anything to do with Christianity as far as I can discern.

  3. Well, it's not quite true that Christmas trees have nothing to do with Christianity. Here's what the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah has to say:

    The religion of these peoples is nothing but smoke. [...] nothing but a tree chopped down, then shaped by a woodsman's ax. They trim it with tinsel and balls [...] Don't be impressed by such stuff. It's useless.

    Jeremiah 10:3-5, "The Message" translation.

  4. In the Christian Union, we used to distinguish between two translations of the Bible: the N.I.V (Nearly Infallible Version) and the H.I.P (Highly Inaccurate Paraphrase.)

  5. I have just resisted a temptation of almost Biblical proportions as Blogger informed me that "You are currently posting as Andrew Rilstone". But resist I did, despite being a morally rudderless atheist who spends too much time reading the sides of buses. Mr Rilstone should consider himself warned however that I might be unable to fight the urge to express some of his opinions for him next time....

    The tit-for-tat battle is warming up. MEMO, a 125 yr old "ministry dedicated to spreading the Good News on public transport", is apparently running 'credit crunch" themed bus adverts for the next 4 weeks in London, according to Christian Today. They have a whole ministry, and we only have a Guardian blog and the rather unhelpful support of Richard Dawkins, which hardly seems fair. It's a good job that the museums are secretly on our payroll too.

  6. MEMO, a 125 yr old "ministry dedicated to spreading the Good News on public transport"...

    I can't say that they've been trying too hard on the public transport I've noticed.

    And I'm now trying to imagine what they put on the sides of 1883 buses and trams...


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