Sunday, December 25, 2011

Twelve drummers drumming....



  2. Right, sorry, heres the context:

  3. I was 12, I think, tucked in bed in the little cottage we rented in the summers on Cape Cod, in a room whose walls didn't go all the way to the ceiling, while my parents watched "Live from Tanglewood" on a small TV.

    I heard this... voice. And got out of bed.

    "What's that?" "Some English folk group. They're rather good. You can watch a bit if you like."

    And there was this woman, singing and dancing. "Gaudete! Gaudete! Christus est nautus ex Maria virginae!"

    Be very careful what you show your children. I've never been able to believe that Christians were dour since then.

    Merry Christmas, Andrew.


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