Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Society To Prevent Andrew Rilstone Writing About God

This is your one and only chance....

If Andrew obtains 10 more Patreon follows by April 15th he will commit to reviewing each episode of

Doctor Who Season Ten 

as it comes out. (*)

If he does not obtain 10 more Patreon followers by April 15th, he may just make good his threat to write about Stan Lee's theological blockbuster 
God Woke. 

Patreon is a wonderful way of showing creative types how much you value their work. You just agree to donate a small amount of money, typically $1 (80p or about 9/10 of a Euro) each time Andrew writes an essay. You can set a limit (most people seem to go with five "bucks" or 4 "quids") in the unlikely event Andrew suddenly becomes more prolific than you can afford. Takes about three minutes to set up, or less if you have Paypal.

(*)  Terms and conditions apply. The number of articles Andrew writes can go down as well as up. The pirate code is more guidelines than rules.