Listen Bud!

A close-reading of the first great graphic novel in American

Steve Ditko 1927 -2018

Stan Lee 1922 - 2018


How Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Spider-Man

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Amazing Fantasy #15


Spider-Man - Freak! Public Menace!

Spider-Man vs The Chameleon

Duel to Death With the Vulture

Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus, the Strangest Foe of All Time

Nothing Can Stop - The Sandman!

Marked For Destruction by Doctor Doom

Face to face with the Lizard

The Return of the Vulture



A serious by unsuccessful attempt to engage with Ayn Rand (II)

(*) The kinds of things that I think people ought to be saying about the project:


Kyle said...

What happened to all these articles? I just finished reading the end of the Dikto run and was really looking forward to reading them.

Andrew Rilstone said...

They will be up again before too long.