Monday, January 31, 2005

Let's all just ignore it and hope it goes away.

...or maybe it's an unseasonal April Fool gag by Amazon?


  1. It's got to be, what's the term, sanctioned (?), hasn't it? I mean there's Intellectual Property Rights, or some such. You can't just create something based on characters and a world created by another, can you?

    Reading age 4-8 seems terribly low (and wide).

  2. Oh dear, oh dear...

    ::crawls back into the marsh::


  3. Lirazel,

    I checked out the link and didn't find anything about this Narnia book there.


    I am pretty sure that this was sanctioned. I recall reading a while back about the Lewis foundation opening this door...oh well.

    How can anybody compare to Lewis? I am reading the chronicals to my sons now. I enjoyed the books as a child for obvious reasons, but now I am enjoying them on an entirely different level. Lewis was brilliant and I just don't see how another author can do the books justice.

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