Sunday, February 20, 2005

How movies work

"I'm sure Tolkien might have probably turned in his grave, but it was in keeping with the vision that Pete had for Legolas and stuff which, you know, was very important."

Orlando Bloom


Anonymous said...

Movie directors are more concerned with doing their best to make what they think are good movies than with remaining perfectly faithful to some source material or another. What a shock.

I'm tempted to ask why the hell it should be otherwise, but, well, some litetal-minded dolt might answer the question.

Phil Masters

Anonymous said...

The quote amused me. No particular significance beyond that.

Ken Shinn said...

I'm sure that skateboarding elves who indulge in poorly-rendered "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" oliphaunt hi-jackings and looking like Sophie Aldred on a bad day are exactly what J R R would've wanted.

Anonymous said...

I guess what ultimately irritated me most about the movie was how it was stereotyped so horribly by modern D&D. I mean, D&D was supposed to be influenced by LotR, not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

No, the "Dungeons and Dragons" movie didn't have the budget to do the height-wrangling mojo that Peter Jackson worked, and John Rhys-Davies is a big fella, not dwarfish at all. Elwood, who I think was the dwarf character (I'm guessing here), was played by Lee Arenberg.