Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Site Admin


I've been in Barcelona for the last five days. The city, not the planet. All the dogs I saw definitely had noses.

I've changed the "settings" of this site to only accept comments from registered uses. It appears to be possible to create a blogger account in 12.5 seconds, and it doesn't generate any spam. (You could always claim that your e-mail accout was "wibble@fnurdle.hotmail.co.uk) I'll probably reset things back to normal in a week or two.


Whocares said...

It may be possible to create an account in 12.5 seconds. Just not in real life. After a shed load of retries as my user name, blogspot title, blogspot htttp and God knows what else had been taken already I finally came up with enough odd words or random collections of letters to be able to log in. All cos I felt like replying to a previous comment.

Whocares said...

And after all that it still doesn't seem to want to alow me to say anything about Virgin Trains.

Louise H. said...

More like 15 minutes, but some of that involved choosing a template (which took till I spotted the orange one) and trying to think of something both witty and memorable to put in the boxes one is meant to remember.

Is it possible to visit Barcelona without continually doing F Mercury impressions under your breath? I ask merely because I been living 3 miles from Shirley for 2 years now and I still break out in Billy Bragg every time I see the road sign.

Helen Louise said...

Yeah, thanks to you and your thought-provoking entries, I signed up for a blog and I don't even need one! But now I have one, I can't resist putting some things in it. It's like buying a notebook. I can never save a notebook, it's much more fun when I've written in it. Sigh. Oh, and thanks for giving me a geekish thrill by saying you were in the city not the planet. :)