Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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The ultimate outrage by a British Government.


Sinister new powers allowing the State to confiscate family homes were unveiled by ministers yesterday as Labour's socialist instincts came to the fore.

The government abandoned any pretence of being reconciled to private property or the rights of individuals to run their own affairs. New Whitehall guidelines set out powers for town hall officials to seize homes for seven years if they are left empty for just six months.

Furniture and heirlooms will be grabbed as well under plans drawn up by shamed Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

Today the Daily Express begins a new crusade to defend householders rights by demanding: "Hands off our homes."

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Terrorists kill 163 in train bomb massacre


Martin said...

Hi Andew

Have you considered that for your own mental health and for the good of your blood pressure it might be an idea to stop reading the Daily Express?


Porlock Junior said...

Come now. He reads it so we don't have to. I admire his pluck, but on the Greater Love Hath No Man front, remember: some people watch Fox News.

Sam Dodsworth said...

And, frankly, it's nice to hear anyone describe the Labour Party as socialist these days.

American Ronin said...

As an American, I don't have to read the Daily Express anyway. And if he finally overdoses on the stuff and dies, who will keep me updated about Dr. Who?

Unknown said...


Can't you guys get your own outrages?

Martin said...

The Britsh government answers its critics here.

Andrew Rilstone said...

The Express headline is completely true, if by "home" you mean "empty property that you do not live in, and are not intending to live in any time soon"; and by "steal" you mean "issue a court order that requires you to rent it out"; and by "Stalin" you mean "Tony Blair"