Thursday, November 09, 2006


What do you think are the virtues of science?

"For the future of the economy, it is almost as important as economic stability. If we do not take the opportunities that are there for us in science then we are not going to have a successful modern economy. We will be outcompeted on labour costs. It is our human capital that is the most important and it is at the cutting edge of science that our human capital can be best exploited for the country's future. We've got to give the country a great deal more confidence about science and its place in the future. Britain has been very good at invention and discovery and not so good at its commercial exploitation. For me, those two things go together."

Margaret Thatcher

no sorry I'm lying it was actually Tony Blair

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Pete said...

Frankly, young man, the sooner you learn that the only values able to be measured, and therefore the only ones that matter, are economic ones, the better.

I for one am looking forward to his views on literature and theatre, as we've historically been quite good at economically exploiting them, once they are rendered suitable for the market.