Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In the unlikely event that anyone cares, these are the clips of my gig review slot on Sophie's Radio Bristol Show.

Sandi Thom


Vince Freeman

Gogol Bordello

Gwyneth Herbert

Robin Williamson and John Renbourne

Alabama 3

Tom McCrae / Hotel Cafe

Crystal Castles

Kimya Dawson



Dotan Dimet said...


Andrew Rilstone said...

It's technology, innit. There's probably some clever technical way of stealing bits of "listen again", but in the meantime, I've just pointed my digital voice recorder at the wireless, and it seems to save things as wavs. Will get the MP3 versions off Sophie at some point.

Mike Taylor said...

What happened to gig4.mp3?

richard_L said...

Glad you liked Gwyneth Herbert, she's very much my favourite singer and "the morning after" is a wonderful song.

I. Dall said...

Completely irrelevantly, has Mr. Rilstone ever commented Moorcocks "Epc Pooh"?