Sunday, January 11, 2009

The idea of a triple decker bus needs to be demytholgized.


Louise H said...

What did I just say?

John said...

OK, that sails right over my head. Little help?

The confirmation word is "exuapas", which sounds a little like a province in Mexico.

Andrew Hickey said...

John, over here we have 'double-decker' buses, with an upstairs and a downstairs. Many people have argued that the Trinity needs to be 'demythologised'.

Andrew Rilstone said...

Christian liturgy says that Jesus came down from heaven, descended into hell, rose again from the dead, and ascended into heaven. This might suggest a three level universe with heaven "up there", hell "down there" and earth in the middle. Middle Earth, in fact. But very few Christians actually believe in this kind of universe. Some leprachologists believe that if you can "demythologize" the idea of a three-level universe, you can "demytholgize" other aspects of Christianity: the Virgin Birth, the Second Coming, God, etc.

A Less Convoluted Joke

Did you hear about the man who threw Domestos over the Archbishop of Canterbury?

He was charged with a bleach of the priest.

John said...

OK. Kind of like we don't know know that there were 3 Magi and Jesus wasn't born in December. Got it.

Seems pretty elementary, but sadly, is probably over the head of a lot of people.

The legendary add-ons to Christianity are one of the first things mocked by the more shrill atheists.