Sunday, December 20, 2009

Now, Winterval Is Banned

Andrew has been out and about in Banksyville (the town formerly known as Bristol) to see how local people are marking the annual December 25th festivity.

Scrooge-like local politicians have decreed that there should be no traditional decorations in the new Cabot's Circus shopping mall.

In order to avoid offending Muslims (TM) shops have given up using the word "Christmas" in favour of neutral expressions like "Seasons Greetings", "Happy Holidays", "Happy Solstice", and "There's Probably No Father Christmas: Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life"

The German Winterval market had no traditional characters associated with it, in order to avoid offending Muslims:

and all depiction of Christian characters was forbidden by the political correctness brigade (TM).

In order not to offend Muslims (TM), it was impossible to find any traditional nativity scenes, particularly not in charity shops:

or toy shops:

and if they had appeared, they would have been regarded as purely fictitious scenes with no more religious significance than Santa Claus:

Street decorations also eschewed images from traditional Christmas Carols, and instead used strange foreign symbols in order to avoid offending Muslims (TM)

All right thinking people should rise up and resist this appalling secularisation of our traditional British cultural traditions.


Political Scientist said...

Merry Christmas, Mr. Rilstone!

Edmund@Political Scientist

Tim Ellis said...

Of course the whole "Winterval is an attempt to replace Christmas" is a myth anyway - It was a "Marketing Brand Name" to cover events in Birmingham from Halloween and Bonfire Night through to the Chinese New Year - Including Christmas Lights, Chritams Tree, Christmas Carol Concerts and Christmas Market. But "Birmingham council comes up with weak pun" does not garner you as many column inches as "Political correctness gone mad. Loony Left Councillors ban Christmas says Bishop"

Andrew Rilstone said...

You don't say?

A. L. Brackett said...

Hum, interesting new look blog…I liked the old one better.

John said...

Over here in "Cowboy Land",some of the big retailers such as WalMart (TM) are defying the trend and wishing all a Merry Christmas, calling their sales Christmas Sales, etc.

I bucked the trend by putting the following signature on my email at work on Dec 21:

"Today is Winter Solstice, which is an astronomical event, not a holiday. That's why we are working".

Kristopher A. Denby said...

Haven't been here in a while. Glad to see you're up to your old antics, but I did like the old look better. Happy Kwanzaa.