Monday, January 18, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen:

 A collection of my writing from this forum and its predecessor is now available in book format from this address.

It reprints:

Where Dawkins Went Wrong

The Ballad of Reading Diocese

One in a Taxi, One in a Car

The Gospel According To Judas?

...and a couple of smaller pieces.

Buy a copy for your favourite biologist. Or your least favourite bishop. 

....,and don't forget that my extended review of Watchmen is still available from the same outlet.


Unknown said...

Where Dawkins Went Wrong (And Other Theological Blockbusters) ...

Is that a Douglas Adams reference I spy there?

Mike Taylor said...

Mine's ordered!

Shame it doesn't contain the massive six-part Star Wars review, though.

Andrew Rilstone said...

DEREK: The sections are entitled: Where Dawkins Went Wrong; Some More of Dawkins Greatest Mistakes; Who is this Dawkins Person Anyway; and Well, That Just About Wraps It Up For Dawkins. So no Adams reference at all.

MIKE: I started with the pieces that get linked to the most: vol 2 (tentatively entitled "Do Balrogs Have Wings, and Other Pressing Questions") would be all the Tolkien and Lewis stuff (a big volume). The Star Wars thang would have to wait for vol 3... (Do you think I should update it to take Revenge of the Sith into account, or just let it stand?)

Greg G said...

I should like to read new Star Wars writing in vol. 3, but would it mean you'd have to watch RotS again? I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

PS are your books available for purchase in EPUB format?

Mike Taylor said...

Great to know that you have plans beyond the current volume! On Revenge of the Sith: yes, I would very much like to read your further thoughts on this (not that you've exactly been silent on the subject already), and I'd be prepared to wait for the volume's release if that meant more new material.

(I'm rather hoping there's something new in WDWW, too.)

Andrew Rilstone said...

Nothing new in this volume, I'm afraid. Students of Rilstone textual history will have endless fun looking for editorial ammendations: a quotation mark here, a comma there... There may be a couple of new essays in the Lewis / Tolkien volume, though, always assuming I remember where I left my round tuit.

It's not on EPUB; in fact I'm not quite sure what EPUB is... Lulu assure me that it will be "distributed" through Amazon eventually (less postage costs to you, less royalties to me.)

Maybe I should be thinking in terms of a special edition of the Star Wars piece in which Han shot first.

Mike Taylor said...

Andrew, I think EPUB just means "electronic publication". In which case, Greg, yes the new book is indeed available as an epub -- just click the "Also available as a Download" link below the big Add To Basket button.

A Han Shot First edition is an excellent joke -- it's a shame you threw it away in a mere blog comment.

Greg G said...

EPUB is an open xml format for ebooks - rather than have a set, formatted page like most PDFs, EPUBs are "reflowable" according to screen and font size. It's apparently getting to be the standard format.

I'm new to e-readers, but I think I can use an app called Calibre to convert non-DRMd PDFs to EPUB.

Anonymous said...
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M Harold Page said...

Actually, RTD just makes shit up:

"I can see how annoying that looks. I can see how maddening it must be, for some people. Especially if you’re imposing really classical script structures and templates on that episode, even unconsciously. I must look like a vandal, a kid or an amateur… The simple fact is, all those things were planned. All of
them were my choice. They’re not lazy, clumsy or desperate. They’re chosen. I can see more traditional ways of telling those stories, but I’m not interested. I think the stuff that you gain from writing in this way – the shock, the whirlwind, the freedom, the exhilaration – is worth the world. I’ve got this sort of tumbling, freewheeling style that somersaults along, with everything happening now - not later, not before, but now, now, now. I’ve made a Doctor Who that exists in the present tense. It’s happening now, right in front of your eyes! If you don’t like it, if you don’t join in with it then… blimey, these episodes must be nonsensical. But those classical structures can be seen in Primeval, in Demons, in Merlin, in all of them – and yet we stand with millions more viewers. And I think that’s partly why.”