Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TEENAGER (armed with MP3 phone): What do you fink of this song?

ME: Oooo, if it isn't Bob Dylan, I probably wont like it.

TEENAGER: Bob who?

ME: Oh, come on, you must have heard of Bob Dylan...

TEENAGER: Is he from the 80s?

ME: A bit before that, actually.

TEENAGER: Before the 80s....!!?? But you can't be that old!


  1. Wait a minute... I know for a fact that you like Wagner. Just how old are you?

  2. This happened to a friend of mine with his young niece.

    HIM: Paul Newman just died.
    NIECE: Who's Paul Newman?
    HIM: He was like the Brad Pitt of his time.
    NIECE: Who's Brad Pitt?
    HIM: ... he was like the Shia LeBeouf of his time.
    NIECE: Ooooooh....