Monday, August 09, 2010

For the next seven days, all words will be occurring over here

If anyone with Blogger-Fu can tell me how to make the posts pop up here by posting not more than three lines of HTML, could they let me know? Otherwise it will probably all migrate en masse at the end of the week.

No, I didn't see Sherlock, but I've ordered the boxed set.


NickPheas said...

Seeing as how I can't comment on your other blog...

Andrew defines bluegrass music as "anything which sounds a bit American but probably isn't country". Andrew's friend Nick defines bluegrass music as "anything which sounds a bit country but has interesting instruments like banjos and mandolins and stuff."

I hold that Louis Armstrong is not bluegrass.

Andrew Rilstone said...

So you think I may be overdoing the Boris Johnson "This stuff is jolly good but I don'[t really understand it, what's that thing called, a guitar, my word, fascinating!" thing?

I probably meant "Americana" rather than "American". But "Americana" means "like country and Western, only good". Tomorrow, I shall be mostly talking about Hungarian music.

(Am slightly using the other blog to say "ooo look at me, I write this stuff, and would even do it for money if someone asked" and felt a comment section which would be bound to turn into a discussion of whether asexual saxophonists would be dark phoenix in a fight with Russel T Davies might not be conducive.)

Considering doing an evening class in elementary music theory. That'll show you.