Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"So, I came to the Pearly Gates. 

"St. Peter checked in his Book, saw I was on the guest list, and let me through. 

"And, wating  to greet me on the Other Side, I saw dear Bill -- and Patrick....and Jon of course. And all the others who had gone before me: Barry, and Bob, and J.N.T. 

"And a little way behind them, there was a Great White Throne, and seated upon it, a mighty figure whose beard shone like the noonday sun.

"And I was sore amazed, and fell down upon my face in wonderment, for behold....

all of them were wearing eyepatches.


Kevin Cowtan said...

Err what?

It's not even 'talk like a pirate day'. I remember 'talk like a pirate day'. Eleanor said nothing but Arr all day.

Actually, I think that phase lasted for a month.

Andrew Rilstone said...

You know how you expained the book of Revelation in terms of a series of in-jokes (*) that were only funny if you knew the context.


1: There was a 1970 Doctor Who story called "Inferno". Part of it involved a parallell earth, where everyone was a bit fascist and nasty, like the Mirror universe in Star Trek.

2: The evil fascist version of Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart (head of Unite) wore an eyepatch. The real one didn't.

3: The Jon Pertwee Doctor Who team were all great pals, and sometimes played gags on each other.

4: On the last day of shooting, as a joke, when Nicholas Courtney turned up on the set (presumably to play the good version of the Brigadier)he found that everyone in the cast and crew was wearing an eyepatch in his honour.

5: Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the Jon Pertwee Doctor Who cast tended to treat Doctor Who conventions as personal reunions.

6: Nicholas Courtney told the eyepatch story at every convention he ever went to.

7: Nicholas Courtney, very sadly, died today.

8: William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee + Barry Letts, Robert Holmes and John Nathan-Turner

(*)As opposed to Inn Jokes. "Man walks into an Inn. Ouch. It was an iron inn."

Andrew Stevens said...

I figured out pretty quickly in the post that somebody significant from Doctor Who had died. I was expecting it to be Tom Baker until I got to your end and realized it was Nick Courtney. Pity. I always loved the Brig.