Monday, April 23, 2012

Please Stand For The National Anthems

Note: no dragons were harmed during the recording of these songs.

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Andrew Rilstone said...

Flanders and Swann -- Song of Patriotic Prejudice
Billy Bragg -- Take Down the Union Jack
Hard Times of Old England -- Ron Copper
Hard Times of Old England Retold -- The Imagined Village
Country Life -- Show of England
Goodnight Jerusalem -- Robb Johnson
A Proper Sort of Gardener -- Maggie Holland
Speaking in Tongues -- Steve Tilston
Spitfires -- Chris Wood
Bonny Bunch of Roses -- June Tabor/Oysterband
The Brigadier -- Jake Thackray
Grace Darling -- Lal Waterson
Fathom the Bowl -- Blackbeards Tea Party
Roots -- Show of Hands
A Place Called England -- June Tabor
Jerusalem -- Royal Philharmonic Orchastra
The Internationales -- Billy Bragg