Friday, April 12, 2019

Well, I'm intrigued. Are you in intrigued?

I tried the stunt with the TIE Fighter once myself. Used all my Force Points for the session, I did. Otherwise, strictly speaking, doesn't say much: another desert planet, could be Tatooine, could be Jaku; we already knew Lando was coming back.

Interesting that they are definitely hyping it as the end of the saga, though: that's giving them a pretty high bar to reach, and also tying their hands if they change their mind. (How many Last Books Of Earthsea are there?) I grew up with the idea that Star Wars was always going to be a Trilogy of Trilogies, so I am happy about this.

The wrecked Death Star is interesting. It seems to be that has to be either Yavin or Endor. Both forest moons, incidentally. Although there was no suggestion in IV or VI that the native population was showered with wreckage. (Maybe it crashed into Yavin and/or Endor, rather than the moon's thereof.) But let's not over interpret, because it might just be a bit of scenery for the trailer. The big crashed Star Destroyer in Force Awakens wasn't specially important to the metaplot.

Not sure about "rise" in the title. There was a point where every third movie was called the "rise" of something or other. And trailers always say "A hero will rise", "A warrior will rise" "A dancing instructor will rise." But "rise of Skywalker" is very interesting indeed. Luke comes back from the dead? Rey is a member of the Skywalker clan after all?

It could mean "Darth Vader gets resuscitated" which would be a very odd thing to do in the final movie – but isn't Hayden Christensen rumoured to be involved?

So, anyway, I'm intrigued. Are you intrigued?


  1. Isn't the obvious Skywalker to rise - by virtue of being the only member of the dynasty where both character and actor are still alive - Kylo Ren?

  2. Seemed more likely to me that it's meant as a title - no more Jedi or Sith because those terms are too tainted now. (Plus it finishes off the sequence "Revenge of the Sith" and "Return of the Jedi".) And Skywalker always sounded like a title more than a family name anyway.

  3. And what do we make of Emperor Palpatine’s laughter at the end?

  4. Clearly, Kylo Renn is on a quest to recover the Emperor's body from the wreakage of the Death Star on Endor. The idea of raising the dead was one of the elements of the Dark Side that turned Vader to the dark side to begin with.


  5. Lucas may have intended "The SKywalker" to be a title in the very early drafts, but it is definitely the family name of Luke's granny.

  6. Surnames can come from titles. And, indeed, from jobs.

  7. They can indeed. But Luke Skywalker was the son of Anakin Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker was the son of Shmi Skywalker.

  8. And perhaps way back they had an ancestor who was employed as a skywalker, whatever that is, and now that Shmi’s line has died out another person whose careers advisor at space school suggested they go into skywalking is going to show up and, in some way, rise.

    I don’t really care.