Friday, October 09, 2020

This month I have published about 10,000 words on this blog. 

61 nice Patreon supporters have paid me a total of around $94 for each essay. 

Patreon supporters have had an early look at my essay on C.S. Lewis and Bulverism. 

Over the next month, Patreon supporters ought to be getting previews of my next wave of essays on Tom Baker’s third season. (Deadly Assassin; Talons of Weng Chiang: nothing too controversial.) And maybe something on comic books. 

If you think what I am doing is at all interesting or worthwhile then please consider joining Patreon. (That means promising to pay me a small amount of money each time I publish an article. Let’s face it, you have Paypal, so it’s terribly easy to set up.) If two people both pledge a dollar, that would make me one pound fifty five a month better off, depending on the exchange rate. 

Alternatively, you could just drop a few squids into the Tip Jar. 

Thank you for paying attention to my blithering.


Irina Rempt said...

I came (back) for the Gospel of Mark. I'm not leaving because you're now posting a series I'm much less interested in.

Andrew Rilstone said...

Thanks. I jump around lots of subjects. Probably not starting on another two year project right away... Thanks, as ever, for supporting me.