Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Keep Hoping Machine Running

What I Wrote About This Year

Doctor Who - 75,000 words

Politics - 30,000 words

Comics 25,000 words

Folk Music 17,000 words

Books 9,000 words

Movies 4,000 words

What I Didn't Get Around To Writing About This Year

The Micronauts

The Eternals

The New Gods

The Wombles

The Tomorrow People

What I Am Writing About At The Moment

More juvenile science fiction

Doctor Who season 15

What I Am Hoping To Finish by November 2023

A big book about Tom Baker

What I Am Still Hoping To Get Around To Writing About

The Eternals 

The Micronauts

The Tomorrow People

What I Am Going To Write Less About

Doctor Who

What I Am Going to Write More About

Other things

What I Never Going to Write About Again

Gender politics

What I am going to be better at

Promoting and monetizing projects 

Other projects for 2022:

Put Spider-Man essays into a big book, tentatively entitled "Steve's Version"

Turn Saint Mark into an audio book / podcast

Continue to write about gigs, concerts and live shows and try to get Brizzle local meejah to pick me up

Think some more about role-playing games

Chicken out of NaNoWriMo at the last minute, again

Something about roleplaying games; Aslan 16 perhaps?

An exciting secret games related project.

As of tomorrow, I am voluntarily working one day less at my day job ("work life balance") specifically so I can spend more time writing. This is a small act of faith, on my part. If you would like to reassure me that I am not completely insane then please jump over to my Patreon and pledge me a few bob (*) each month. 

(*) 1/- = $2.19 in todays money. 

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