Friday, August 04, 2006

Asexual Pride

"....and I think in the same way there are things that men can read which can send out signals, I think, which are deeply unattractive to women."

"Such as?"

"Well, sci-fi and fantasy. I think if you're the sort of man who's reading one of those lurid books with sort of triple breasted amazonian women on the front cover and inside it's all about swords and sorcery and so on then I think what you're communicating to any woman is that you're still an adolescent"

"Unless the woman is into that kind of thing, of course, I mean, it's possible"

"It is, it is, but I have friends who love that sort of stuff and many of them are still looking for women who are also similarly interested in that particular subculture. "

"Stick your nose in a book and you could find love. How the right book can find you the right partner." Today, BBC Radio 4, August 1st


Helen Louise said...

I'm reminded of a comment by Terry Pratchett that while his typical reader is probably a woman in her mid-twenties, it doesn't matter because according to newspapers his typical reader is a fourteen year old boy named kevin. In fact the last time I saw anyone reading what might be described as lurid fantasy, the reader was a married woman in her mid-twenties...

Kristycat said...

As a very female sort of female, I must say that I adore the sci-fi/fantasy type of books... luckily, I suppose, for my husband.

TRiG said...

Asexual Pride in SF