Monday, February 26, 2007

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, commented....

'It is undeniable that all those who set up paedophile groups in the 1970s were leading homosexual activists, which makes sense, as paedophilia is really only a logical extension of homosexuality.'


Sam Dodsworth said...


[I]n pagan religions... they worship the sun, the rain, fertility and all the things which are important to their economy. In doing that, they diminish man himself and they soon end up with human sacrifice. Well, every pagan culture has, and it’s usually their children they sacrifice.

I'm also partial to:

[God's] message will also be intellectually coherent, as the Bible demonstrates.

...but that may not be quite a funny to non-atheists.

(Both quotes via this email interview, which is rather less interesting than the quotes imply.)

Is there some reason to care particularly about this mild loony who is better-supplied with opinions than with followers?

Andrew Rilstone said...

He's the Daily Fascist's preferred religious pundit, and it is worth occassionally reminding ourselves that he is nuttier than a very large Star Bar from which all the toffee and chocolate has been removed.

Sam Dodsworth said...

Ah. In that case, I may start to worry a little about the Daily Express.

Blue said...

On the other side of the ocean, I quit reading "First Things" when Richard John Newhouse wrote that there was no clergy child abuse scandal. It was all homosexual priests and homosexual young men in their late teens (factually inaccurate), so the problem could be solved by purging the priesthood of all homosexuals (also untrue).

It would be pathetic if there weren't real people being hurt by all this.