Monday, March 12, 2007

Geeks stage takeover of Guardian comment section, shock!


  1. So when are we going to have a "Captain...Britain". Or perhaps a "Captain...United Kingdom". Hmmmmm. Just doesn't have the same ring to it, what what? Cheerio and all that.

  2. I see it falls to me to be geeky enough to point out that there already is a Captain Britain.

    And he's rather cooler than Captain America, for what it's worth.

  3. Thank God the geeks came out to salvage the comments section. Things were getting a little bit pretentious (even for the Guardian).

    And Captain Britain has never, NEVER been cooler than CA. Except when written by Alan Moore and drawn by Alan Davis.

    Union Jack, on the other hand...

  4. If you want a realistic portrayal of an Englishman in the Marvel Universe, look no further than Percy Pinkerton in "Nick Fury and His Howling Commandos." He wears a beret, carries an umbrella into battle, and says things like "I've found the most wizard shop for tea and crumpets." Stan Lee is very proud of the way the "Commandos" represented a racial mix, and helpfully points out that Percy Pinkerton might be gay.

  5. To be fair, the "ultimates" version is described as "the only person under 74 willing to wear the Union Jack on his chest"
    (unless my miserable super - memory is mistaken)

  6. Actually, the best "version" of Captain UK is Paul Grist's [url=]Jack Staff[/url], which is totally great.

    Personally, I can think of very few good Captain America stories (perhaps some of the Steranko period, but even those weren't so great) whereas I think the Moore/Davis/Delano era Captain Britain was pretty rocking.

  7. Not to mention Sgt. States;)
    Interesting that the US character Mr. Staff is based on is actually called "Union Jack"
    Of course, at least one version of him is gay.