Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More seasonal highjinks from the the worlds greatest newspaper

In 2008, the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox will fall on March 13th. This is quite early. It has been suggested that it might be convenient for school kids to have a long weekend over Good Friday / Easter Monday and then a fortnight's holiday for the first two weeks of April, as usual. Breaking the school up ain mid-March because of the vagaries of the Gregorian calendar would put the whole academic year out of sync.

Did the Pope give even a moment's thought to this kind of thing when he suppressed the quartodecimanists, that's what I often wonder.

In the nightmare future envisaged by the fascist Daily Express "Some kids may go back to school on the Tuesday after Easter Monday and get another holiday two weeks later" equates to NOW THEY WANT TO BAN EASTER. YES, IT'S A NEW ATTACK BY THE P.C BRIGADE.

Mind you, there is some disagreement about who is to blame. One contributor to the funky revamped forum on the fascist Express's website is chillingly specific about the culprits.

"Those that feel most hatred toward religion are the 'gay' lobby, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the latest assault on our religious festivals was led by those of them with the ear of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair."

Well, queers, Scotsman and the P.C Brigade: all the same thing, innit. The point is that Our Way of Life is Under Attack.

"The move to change the Easter break follows recent claims that Christmas is being downgraded in importance. Birmingham City Council caused controversy by naming its seasonal celebrations Winterval. "

Did they really? Good heavens. I'm surprised no-one has ever mentioned that before.


NickPheas said...

But what about the Trotskite BBC's contenpt for our traditions and way of life by starting the new season of Dr Who before Easter?

It's the thin end of the edge I tell you.

I. Dall said...

"Gays Ban Easter". Sounds like a classic.
At least Bush has yet to declare war on the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands.
so theres only 25% chance of the article being used as a basis for British legislation.

NickPheas said...

I quite like todays story in which barmy councillors try and ban a cross because it might offend people.

Actually it says that the church in question has been told that only contractors are allowed to put it up, which I ake to mean only someone with public liability insurance. Which only seems fair. No-one wants a great big wooden cross falling on their backs - you could do yourself an injury.

If the story, in it's deconstructed form, is not simply made up though it does raise the question of why the CofE doesn't just invest in an insurance company and provide such insurance.