Friday, April 27, 2007

Saw an interesting film yesterday. It involved a man with an American accent who kept pretending he was Jesus. All the other people also had American accents, but they also pretended he was Jesus even though he kept getting the lines wrong, even the most famous ones. There's quite a good bit at the end where the director pretends that Jesus wasn't crucified after all but lives a long life, gets married and has babies but that bit seemed to have been ripped off from The Da Vinci Code. It also steals me and Jeffery Archer's idea about Judas being a goody. But at the end he (the director, I mean) chickens out and goes back to the real story. He (the American man whose pretending to be Jesus, I mean) keeps rolling his eyes and looking mad, like C.S Lewis said, and I kept thinking 'So when is he going to turn into the Green Goblin?'

If it comes on telly it's probably worth a look.

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Andrew Stevens said...

Should Jesus have an English accent then? I realize it's considered commonplace for Romans to all speak with English accents, but I didn't know that also applied to 1st century Palestinian Jews. (In Ben Hur, all the Romans are played by British actors of some flavor while all the Jews are played by Americans. This works pretty well for an American audience. I have no idea how it plays over there.)

Last Temptation is a fairly mediocre film, quite frankly, despite all the attempts by the critics to play it up. Scorsese was just following the novel and shouldn't be blamed for the story. Kazantzakis was arguing that Jesus, being fully man, was subject to all the temptations of men and gave us a perfect example by successfully resisting them.