Saturday, April 24, 2010

A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox

In Episode 1, the Doctor lost his sonic screwdriver, but the TARDIS made him a new one, with a different design.

But, but, but, in Silence in the Library, it turned out the Doctor had given / will give the screwdriver to Mrs. Who at some point in the future (and it was the same screwdrive, and had the emergency backup of Mrs. Who on it, and everything.)


Mike Taylor said...

You make a good point. I assumed that Moffat destroyed the sonic crewdriver in the first episode to escape from the RTD-era convention where it was a universal with-one-bound-Jack-was-free solution. (A quote from The Writer's Tale, p225: "It just struck me: the Doctor has a sonic screwdriver and Miss Foster's sonic pen. What happens when you hold two sonic devices together? I'll tell you what. You get wibbly-wobbly vibrations and guards clutch their ears for long enough to enable you to escape! That's what happens, because I say so".)

But then that was undercut by the TARDIS giving him a replacement at the end of the episode.

But then I notice that he's not used it since then. (Well, maybe once or twice for opening doors, but that seems fair game.)

So I am not really sure where he's going with that.

Tynam said...

Not a problem. All we need is that at some point the Doctor will give her a screwdriver, identical to the one he had in the library, plus some extra functions (as if there was room for it to do more!) It's a gift, so he makes it specially for the occasion.

Why does it look like his old one? Nostalgia. It's a gift to a lover, after all. So he makes it look like the one he was using when they first met (in his timeline).

(Moffat had to destroy the RTD screwdriver, as it can solve all problems by Blowing Up Alien Machinery. It's a raygun, only sillier to aim.)

NickPheas said...

You've ruined it now. I shall burn all my Dr Who DVDs when I get home.

Neil said...

The fact that he's got a different face, but it took her a little while to figure out he wasn't between meetings she knew about implied he had the same face through their relationship. I see two possibilities.

1. Their whole relationship happened off screen before Tennant's regeneration

2. The writers care less about continuity than the fans.

My suspicion is that we'll never see River So ... hold on a minute ... she's in this episode?!

It's like there's a new hand at the helm.