Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, and while we're here: another gem from Mr Boden. This was the sort of happy story Victorians used to sing around the piano, apparently.

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Helen Louise said...

Received a copy of "Where Dawkins went wrong" for Christmas this year. My mum is a bit of a Dawkins fan so I think I have my Dad to thank for that :)

A very good read... as, to be fair, I already knew, I read it as it was being blogged :)

It certainly made my train journey a lot more interesting, as I was both enjoying your book and being amused at the man sitting next to me, who was rather obviously reading over my shoulder. The train got diverted and we all ended up having one of those terribly British rants about how awful the public transport is, and he asked if he could have a look at the book. With any luck, you may have another reader :)