Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is Tolkien Actually Any Good?

Did Gandalf Torture Gollum? 

Did Susan Pevensie Go To Hell? 

Who Wrote The Poems of C.S. Lewis?

Do Balrogs have wings?

Andrew Rilstone answers thirteen important questions about C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien -- their lives, their books and their worlds. 

Reviews and critiques of books, plays and those god-awful movies

Every Inklings-related word that Andrew has published since 1999. 

Never-before published material, including

* a detailed response to Planet Narnia
* thoughts on Jack's Life and Lenten Lands
* a new, definitive essay on the trillemma
* a commentary on the internet furore which engulfed my essay Is Tolkien Actually Any Good

Lost Usenet essays and other rare fragments of Rilstonia.  

Thirteen or so years in the making
About 300 pages
Around 100,000 words

Available from Amazon and in E-Book format in due course.


Mike Taylor said...

*smugly* I ordered mine yesterday.

Andrew Hickey said...

Ordered. I've been looking forward to this one a long time.

SK said...


Nick Mazonowicz said...

Me got Kindle.

Me want lots and lots of Andy books on Kindle.

Please Andy, please let me have lots and lots of Andy books on Kindle.

Lirazel said...


(Do you happen to know if the Amazon version will be available in the former colonies?)

Andrew Rilstone said...

I am working on working about what format changes I have to make, at which point my complete works will appear on Kindle, and I will of course become incredibly rich.

Andrew Rilstone said...

Yup, Lulu stuff appears on as well as Should take about six weeks, assuming Mr Issbn doesn't find something to complain about in the formatingg.

Nick Mazonowicz said...

Gosh, Lulu is quick though.

I ordered my copy of 'Do Balrogs have wings' on Saturday and received it today.

Robert said...

How's the ebook version coming?