Sunday, January 15, 2012

Public service anouncement

To the person who googled "Woody Guthrie one eyed banker story" and landed on this page, it goes like this:

There was once a one eyed banker, who went to the finest optometrist in the country, and paid him a small fortune to make the best glass eye money could buy. He was incredibly pleased with it. The next day, a poor farmer came to the bank to ask for an extension on his loan. Before getting down to business, the one eyed banker said "I bet you a dollar you can't tell which is my glass eye". 

"The left one" says the farmer. 

"How could you tell" said the banker, very disapointed. 

"Because that's the one with a tiny glint of human compassion in it" replied the farmer.

To the person who googled "Cuddling your father's willy" and ended up on this page: please go somewhere else. 

Personally I prefer the one about the two rabbits.  


Andrew Rilstone said...

"What I heard was the story of the two rabbits. It was a he rabbit and a she rabbit that a pack of hounds was chasing all over the countryside, and finally these rabbits they holed up inside a hollow log. Outside the dogs was a-howling. The he rabbit turned to the she rabbit and he said,

"What do we do now?"

And the she rabbit, she just give him a wink and said "We stay here til we outnumber them."

Andrew Rilstone said...

What is the difference between an optician and an optometrist?

Andrew Rilstone said...

An optician tests your eyesight, identifies diseases of the eye, and proscribes spectacles if necessary. An optometrist believe we live in the best of all possible worlds.

steve said...

I like the idea of an evil optician who identifies diseases of the eye and then proscribes spectacles.

Mike Taylor said...

LOL @steve

Supersavers Opticians said...

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