Monday, October 14, 2013

Are you teetering on the brink of backing my Kickstarter? Are you not quite sure what you'll be getting for your money? Then go back and reread these essays  -- one long essay or ten essayettes -- which form the introduction to volume 4...and imagine how happy you will be when 450 page in a similar vain drops through your letter box shortly after the Christmas Special. If 20% of the people who liked, or at least read,  my last movie review signed up for the paperback, then we'd be home and dry and talking about stretch goals...

Who Remembered Hills (1)
Who Remembered Hills (2)
Who Remembered Hills (3)
Who Remembered Hills (4)
Who Remembered Hills (5)
Who Remembered Hills (6)
Who Remembered Hills (7)
Who Remembered Hills (8)
Who Remembered Hills (9)
Who Remembered Hills (10)


Eric Spratling said...

Is this open to heathen Yanks as well?

Andrew Stevens said...

Eric: Hmm. I was able to sign up, so I assume so.

Mr. Rilstone: It did occur to me that I'm probably making you eat the shipping, so my contribution isn't as valuable as a fellow Brit's. If you end up getting funded and that turns out to be significant, let me know; we can figure out a way to rectify that (at least for my donation).

Andrew Rilstone said...

Absolutely and whole heartedly it applies to Yanks. And Australians. I'll even stretch a point an accept money from Yorkshire.

I'm planning to ship straight from Lulu (the P.O.D people I've used for all my books up to now), so if anything it'll be slightly cheaper to ship to the US than Europe.

Thanx for everybody's interest and support and watch this space.

Andrew Stevens said...

How can it be signed if you're shipping it straight from Lulu? I was promised a signed copy!

(Seriously, if signing mine is a problem because of shipping costs, I am happy to waive the signature.)

Andrew Stevens said...

By the way, you had some tough timing on your Kickstarter since all of your fans are probably 20 quid poorer almost as soon as you announced it. (But I got it cheaper since I'm in the U.S.)

Also, wanted you to know that I see what you did there in that comment (he said that as early as 2009).

Andrew Rilstone said...

The hardbacks come to me first, but I can cope with the shipping costs because the asking price for a hardback is quite high to begin with.

Eric Spratling said...

Vundebar, as ve say here in America.

As a bonus, I suppose I'm about to find out what the current exchange rate is.

Andrew Rilstone said...

Thank you...

I believe that 20 of our "quid" is roughly equivalent to 30 of you "bucks".